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The band and friends

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  • shadowlight_etc@livejournal.com
We're Shadowlight, a band from North Yorkshire. At least, we were before winding up as someone's multiples. :P Only kidding, we love you really, Roz.

The band members are Ranna Laurent, Jess Jevons (JJ), Kayla Spearitt, Simone Walker and Ben Warren. Sammi, JJ's twin sister and our sound manager, will also be using this journal, along with Raquel Jacobs, a woman who has done so many songs with the band that she is now considered an honourary member. Raquel's friend Amy is also using this journal, and no doubt Raquel's little sister will use this journal too when she's older. Mike Laurent is also using this journal, he's Ranna's elder brother, and his two bandmates Kym and Jo will probably use this too.