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Welcome to the journal for Shadowlight and co. You're perfectly safe... unless you mention Mika in front of Raquel. Then you'd better run.

People who use the journal: Ranna, Simone, Kayla, JJ, Ben, Sammi, Raquel, Amy, Kym, Mike and Jo.

How On Earth...?

You Are Lara Croft

"Everything lost is meant to be found."




Meet The Family...

Ok, turns out I'm related to Tiany, Tippa and clan.

18 years ago I was left as the baby on the doorstep. Tor (Tiany's younger brother) found a photo of his mum holding a baby girl, and it was dated 18 years ago. That baby girl was me, so I now have five younger siblings to deal with (although they're all sweet!).

The ClanCollapse )

I don't know whether I'm playing elder sister or mum (apparently my real mum was off on Planet Acid 24/7), but I've got loads of people to save me from Mike when he starts being annoying!

Ranna xx



I love my baby Damien. He's so cute! He's only a few hours old, and he's such a little angel. I love him to bits.

And I adore my fiancé Nick, who is now a very proud daddy :)
Also, Nick, when are we getting married? We've been waiting ages... I want to be able to say I'm your wife!



I absolutely adore my adoptive daughter, Heather. I just didn't realise she was going to make me a grandma at 22. Don't worry, she's not underage or anything, she's 16.

But yeah, baby Andrew's so cute! He's really tiny and so funny. Bless him, he's only a few days old. :)


I Can't Tell Him...

...at least, not to his face.

Ben, please read this. You need to knowCollapse )


*is happy*

I'm engaged! To my wonderful fiancé Nick, who is the most amazing guy in the world. :) He's so gorgeous and wonderful and perfect and generally amazing. :D

I'm also pregnant! Nick's going to be a daddy, I'm going to be a mum! I'm over the moon, could you tell? =D




You scored as Fallen, Your darkness is "Fallen". You were most likely once deeply in love, but the person on the receiving end of your affections wounded you deeply.You were also once innocent, but your wounds will not allow that innocence to return.Sadness and misfortune seem to follow you. A good band for you would either be AFI or The Cure.




Elegant dark


Naturally Dark


Murderous/Scary Dark


What is your level of darkness?
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Ranna xx


Eamon The Daemon

I have a lion daemon... at least, I HAD a lion daemon. I'm a ladybird o_O

I also have something else specialCollapse )




My Daemon

It's a jackal! :-D